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Angie Thompson is the head of our content department here at K9Informer.com, mom of one and a true dog lover. With two dogs, a Sheltie and a French Bulldog, she's kept pretty busy.


Bringing Home a New Puppy – What Do I Need?

January 25, 2020

​Bringing home a new puppy is a really exciting time for any family. However, with all the excitement, it’s easy to find yourself overlooking some of the basic items that any new pup is going to need when you bring them home. We’ve put together a list of items below that ​all pup parents should […]


iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

January 20, 2020

​Overview​The iFetch ball thrower is a smart enabled product that lets you ​or your kids play a game of fetch with your pup. The iFetch is a nifty gadget that can easily become your dog’s new favorite toy. The hardware is made of a durable construction and an easy to use design that ​allows any […]


Furbo Dog Camera

January 11, 2020

​Overview​Many dog owners hate the fact that they go to work all day and have to leave their pooch at home unattended. One way you can check in on you furry friend while you’re away is with Furbo’s Dog Camera. This is an Alexa compatible smart device that lets you not only see your dog, […]


Supplements For Your Dog’s Joint Health

December 27, 2019

Whether your pup is young or old, maintaining healthy joints is important to allow them to maintain a long and happy life. After all, when their joints are healthy, they’re able to be active and engage in the physical activities that we both enjoy. However, as out dogs get older, just as with us, they […]


Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

December 14, 2019

There are lots of different nails clippers on the market. When you walk into your local pet store, looking at the different types of clippers available can immediately result in confusion and even fear over choosing the right ones. What if you chose the wrong ones?Will a certain type of nail clipper hurt my dog? Are some […]


GPS Trackers For Dogs – Separating Myth From Reality

August 24, 2019

​Losing your dog is a pet owner’s worst nightmare. Not knowing what happened is very disturbing. All kinds of horrible thoughts race through the pet owner’s mind. Was he stolen? Was she hit by a car and is slowly dying in a ditch somewhere? Is he wandering around lost, starving to death? Is she just […]


Caring For Your Dog’s Ears

August 11, 2019

​He’s your best friend. Exercising, feeding, grooming, are all part of your daily and weekly dog care regimen. You probably enjoy these tasks. But what about those ears? Mysterious, slightly scary, a chore you probably pay a vet or groomer to do, but you may have always wondered, “Is this a job I could be […]

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