ElleVet Sciences CBD Review + Special Coupon Code

July 23, 2020
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The science behind ElleVet Sciences CBD for dogs is really quite simple. They conducted the very first study that examined how dogs metabolized both hemp and CBD based products. The findings from their research not only help set the bar for correect dosage of these products for dogs, but it also helped to open the door for future CBD related research for our furry little friends.

ElleVet Science isn't content to rest on their laurels though. To further their research into this area, they also conducted a study that examined how their CBD and Hemp products may be able to help dogs that struggle with joint discomfort. Many owners have reported that these Hemp tinctures and doggie treats have worked wonder for their pet.

ElleVet Sciences has dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality CBD products available for pet owners. As a company, their goal is to provide pets with a better standard of living and optimal well-being.

We invite you to join us as we delve into the product offerings from ElleVet Sciences. If you feel like any of their products would benefit your pooch, feel free to use one of our special coupon codes to help you save some money on your entire order.

What Makes ElleVet Sciences' Products Unique?

  • ElleVet's sole focus is creating hemp based products for pets
  • ElleVet has conducted their own research studies into their products, versus relying on the research of others, to ensure they provide you and your dog with the highest quality formulations
  • All of their products contain less than 0.3% THC - ensuring your dog doesn't get high from their products
  • Their website contans a plethora of information on overall pet health and how CBD can be beneficial
  • ElleVet offers a program tailored specifically to animal rescues and shelters
  • Provide options to wholesalers
  • Provide their customers with a 30 day money back guarantee

What Types of Products Does ElleVet Sciences Offer?

ElleVet Sciences' product line currently consists of 2 unique product lines that have been designed for your dog. These product lines offer the best Hemp and CBD formulations currently on the market for dog owners.

Not only has ElleVet developed their own product lines, they have invested resources to conduct studies into the various compounds to make sure they provide an optimal experience for your dog's health.

All that said, it's pretty safe to say that ElleVet has created some of the best CBD products currently available for dog owners. If you're interested in purchasing any of their products, we invite you to get the special coupon code that help you save some money on your order.

Hemp CBD+CBDA Oils

Many people are actually surprise to lean that cannabidiol (CBD) works the same in their dog as it does for them. The reason for this is that both humans and canines share a surprisingly similar endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This biological system is one that's responsible for a variety of elements within our daily lives - from mood, to pain, to sleep. When we take products containing CBD, or phytocannabinoids from Hemp, they can interact with our ECS - either directly or indirectly.

Tinctures, or CBD oils, can be just as popular with dog owners as it is with humans. Because of this, ElleVet Sciences has created one of the best tinctures on the market. It's marketed as Complete Oil and contains a full spectrum of Cannabinoid and Terpenes.

Their Complete Oil formula is designed specifically to provide support for loss of mobility, general comfort, and a calming effect to help dogs that suffer from anxiety.

ElleVet currently produces three different sizes of their Complete Oil product for dogs.

  • 15mL (1050mg)
  • 30mL (2000mg)
  • 60mL (4200mg)

Since many dogs, especially those that suffer from anxiety, may not want to take the oil directly. If this is the case with your pup, you can try to incorporate it into their food, or you can opt for the chews.

Hemp CBD+CBDA Chews

For many dog owners, ElleVet Sciences' chew may be a better option versus the tincture since it's much easier to get your pup to eat it. Their chews contain the same CBD formulation that's contained in their Complete Oil product.

In the past, ElleVet Sciences only produced two variations of their Mobility Chews , but they've recently added a third product to this lineup.

Their two primary prudcts in the Mobility Chews line is a variation of the same product, just that one's made for small dogs (under 50lbs), while the other is aimed towards owners with large dogs (over 50lbs). The primary difference between the two is the amount of cannibinoids since smaller dogs don't require as much CBD to receive the same benefit.

A bag of Mobility Chews for smaller dogs contains 62 chews with 620mg of CBD per bag. That works out to about 10mg of CBD per chew. The bag designed for large dogs contains the same 62 chews per bag, but with 930mg of CBD per bag. This provide about 15mg of CBD per chew.

ElleVet Sciences' newest product is their Calm & Comfort Chews . These maximum strength chews are designed specifically for situations where your dog may experience heightened periods of anxiety. Whether it's fireworks on the 4th of July, like my Sheltie, or a trip to the groomer or vet, these chews are meant to provide additional real time relief for your pup.

What's the Dosage Recommendation for ElleVet's Mobility Chews?

One of the more impressive aspects to ElleVet Sciences' approach to their products is that they conducted the very first study designed to evaluate the proper dosage of Hemp and CBD based products for dogs. The results of their testing not only allowed them to ensure proper dosage for your dog, but it provided a breakthrough to the industry as a whole since these products still remain unapproved and unregulated by the FDA - with the exception of Epidiolex which is a prescription based CBD product.

Given the amount of time and resources ElleVet has put behind their products, we definitely recommend that you follow their dosage guidelines for all of their products. When we give CBD products to our dogs, it's nealy impossible to determine whether they're getting the most from them. If you feel that your dog isn't getting most out of ElleVet's products, we would highly recommend you either contact ElleVet or your vertrinarian before increasing the dosage.

Does ElleVet Provide a Certificate of Analysis?

When it comes to buying a CBD based product for your dog , if you're anything like me, one of your biggest concerns is about the product's safety. Fortunately, there is a way to make sure your dog is getting a high quality and safe CBD product - check for a Certificate of Analysis.

A Certificate of Analysis is the result of a third-party lab analysis that tests for a number of different aspects for cannibidial products. This includes purity, the cannibinoid and terpene counts, and whether the product contains any unwanted contaiminants like pesticides or heavy metals.

ElleVet Sciences offers these lab results for each of the products listed on their website, but wyoud will have to reach out to them to request this information.

How Do I Use an Ellevet Sciences Coupon Code?

If you're interested in purchase one of ElleVet Sciences' products, we invite you to use our coupon code to help you save on your entire order. To use a coupon code, simply select the products you wish to purchase and then head on over to your shopping cart.

ElleVet Sciences Coupon Code

Below your selected products, you'll see a location to enter your coupon code. Just type in your code and click apply coupon and you'll see your savings show up instantly!

Final Thoughts About ElleVet Sciences CBD Supplements for Dogs

After examining ElleVet Sciences' CBD products in depth, as well as provinding key information about both the benefits and drawbacks, we can highly recommend both their Hemp CBD+CBDA Oil and Hemp CBD+CBDA Chews for dogs . We would strongly urge any pup parent looking to provide mobility support or relief from anxiety to look into their products.

Many dog owners have found these supplements to be effective at restoring the lost mobility to their dogs. As always, you should consult your vetrinarian before starting your dog on any new supplements - especially if your dog has any special needs or dietary restrictions.

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  • Company focus on CBD products for pets
  • ElleVet has conducted research to create the highest quality formulations
  • Products contain less than 0.3% THC, removing psychoactivity effects
  • Provide a program for shelters and recues
  • Coupon codes available


  • Small selection of products
  • No international shipping available
  • Products aren't approved by FDA

ElleVet CBD Products

These high quality CBD products are made specifically for pets.

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